A Brand New Year

Ringing in a new year is always great for video games. You can see the best and worst of the previous year, and can look forward to the best of the upcoming one. I’ve never particularly been one for New Year Resolutions; partly because they seem to be made to fail, but mostly because I’m an adult and I can make resolutions anytime! #ADULT! Resolution or not, things are changing for Experience Points.

RedBear and I can’t go into all of the details now, but we have several ideas that we hope will make Experience Points (and attached content) something that listeners will share with their friends, post on social media, and save to their smartphones! However, if we are to make changes, we need your help and feedback.

Please, help us make something cool into something awesome! In the coming weeks we will be updating the website and radio show format. Likewise, we will be posting more podcast and minicast content. Soon, we hope to add weekly reviews of video games and hardware… Your comments and criticisms will be key in shaping Experience Points into the best it can be.

Thank you for being there for us, we will do our best for you!