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Beep… Boop… Test.. 1… 2.. Test.. 1… 2..  Is this thing on?

Why hello there! I’m everyone’s favorite bear and radio personality! 0RedBear0 (some people on the internet call me Oreo Bear)!!! So MG has been hounding me for like ever to create content and make posts and blah blah blah… I know you all love me and that’s why you dedicated fans listen to Exppoints week after week!

Well besides being the best bear ever I enjoy reading, long walks on the beach, dancing in the rain… Oh sorry what were we talking about? Oh yeah, ME! I love a good video game or table top game or drinking game… What? I LOVE GAMES!

When I’m not engaging in a caffeine and rum fueled gaming binge I’m working on my next cosplay and planning my next trip. I also engage in some digital art and things. I’m pretty much the best DJ ever! You know except for real DJs that get all the gigs I want… HIRE ME PLEASE!!! MG doesn’t even pay me enough to eat…

But wait there’s more! Silly you thought you had reached the bottom of this awesome, nerdy rabbit hole. I’m also pretty big into the whole Community Owned Average Sized Horse Show otherwise known as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Well I’m going to leave you for now, but pay attention… You’ll be seeing more of me (Queue evil laughter)!


//TODO proofread, bug MG, and be awesome!