We Are Affiliated! (Now With Images!)

Recently, you may have noticed new ads on the side-bar. These were nested in the Miscellaneous > Affiliates page, and even then, they weren’t very nice to look at. Well, now we have them displayed on every page! That’s better, right? We get it; no one likes advertisements. And, while we would hope that our content and giveaways would compel you to donate via the handy-dandy PayPal ‘Donate’ button, realistically, we can’t expect you to just shower us with money, especially without getting something in return!

By following the links on the sidebar you can test out a Usenet account, or get a free audio book, all while helping fund Experience Points! Every trial membership or subscription nets the Experience Points platform a few bucks, and that’s alright with us! To clarify, the two Usenet links are different; one links to a free trial, and the other links to a supreme monthly/yearly discount. Our recommendation is try out the service, then use the other link to get the better deal! Enjoy!