Dollar Shave Club – The Executive ($9) – Unboxing

Do you hate paying $20+ a month for decent razor blades, but want a quality shaving experience those single blade disposables simply can’t deliver? Well, Dollar Shave Club has you covered! MG subscribed to ‘The Executive’ package for $9 a month, and is loving it. Watch the unboxing below!

“Hey everyone, MG here. I, or Experience Points is in no way endorsed by Dollar Shave Club; I’m just really happy with the quality of the product! Before the comment section is bombarded with ‘real men don’t shave’ nonsense, let me say that one of the joys of being both an adult and a man is that I can grow a beard, shave it off, and grow another one. It isn’t like you can only ever grow one beard. Grow up, get over your elitism, and get some awesome shave-tech! Yeah, there are plenty of ‘better’ premium shaving systems out there, but I doubt you’ll find one that is cheap, and delivered to your door every month.” -MG