Try EVE Online!

Hey everyone, thought I’d drop a quick line to say that EVE Online: Rubicon, the games 20th free expansion went live a few days back. I’ve played Ultima Online, Tibia, Everquest, DAOC, WoW, and a slew of other MMO-typed games, but none have really captured my eye like EVE Online has. A friend got me into over a year ago, and I’ve been playing ever since!

Graphically stunning, EVE Online is different from every MMO you’ve played, and it keeps getting better with every expansion. CCP (the company that produces EVE Online, DUST 514, and soon EVE:Valkyrie) does a fantastic job of letting players pursue their own play-styles. Whether you want to lone-wolf it, join a corporation, partake in espionage, or just blow pirates out of the sky, EVE Online has it all.

The game exists as one world, meaning that everyone playing (30,000+) coexists and can interact. There are no realms, or separate worlds. The game universe is vast, and full of friends and enemies!

If you want to try EVE Online, risk free for 21 days, use one of the codes below.

Buddy Code #1

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If you decide to try it out, comment below!