Oh…Hello there. Glenneff’s the name. Let’s get to know me a little better.

A bit of History:

Originally, I hail from the Golden State, but in 1997, I moved to the dirty South with my mother. In doing so, I met one of my oldest and best friends, RedBear. My mother is the one who started my love of video games and technology in general, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve always gravitated towards those with interests similar to mine, and RedBear was no exception. As I grew, I inevitably befriended MG. One of my most cherished experience points was building a computer arcade in the computer repair shop at our high school with RedBear and MG at the helm.

I was a console guy for the longest time. I started on Atari and NES, but my console gaming efforts slowed down around Playstation 2 and XBox. The only console I owned after those two was a Wii to keep up with the Super Smash Bros. legacy. I had played a fair amount of PC games before this, but in 2004, RedBear turned me onto Counter Strike and the Half-Life series. I was hooked, and I haven’t looked back.


I’m an Electrical Engineer by trade, and on the side, I am a microcontroller enthusiast, gearhead, amateur philosopher, student of trivia, and all around handyman.

Other Stats:

  • I’m left-handed
  • I’m an ENFJ on the Myers-Briggs test
  • I own a zune
  • I thoroughly enjoy RiffTrax movies
  • I’m building a minibike and restoring a 1971 Datsun 240Z

PC Stats:

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z77
Processor: Intel Core i7-2700 Sandy Bridge
Memory: 16 GB Corsair XMS3
Video Card: EVGA GTX 770 SuperClocked
Storage: samsung 840 120GB | 2TB WD Caviar BlacK
Case: Cooler MAster Cosmos II
Monitor: 2X ASUS VNH247H-P
Keyboard: Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate
Mouse: Logitech G500s
Headset: Logitech G930

Phone Stats:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Case: Spigen Neo Hybrid – Metal Slate

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